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Steven Petrow's Complete Gay & Lesbian Manners: The Definitive Guide to LGBT Life
(May 2011, Workman)

The first-ever comprehensive etiquette guide for the more than 15 million lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in the United States and Canada.

The Lost Hamptons
(2004, Arcadia)

A collection of vintage postcards portraying the quiet villages, white sand beaches, historic homes, and privet-lined lanes of Long Island’s Hamptons.

When Someone You Know Has AIDS: A Practical Guide
(1993, Crown)

Advice on recognizing the symptoms of AIDS, handling the trauma of an AIDS diagnosis, deciding on treatment, and more.

Dancing Against the Darkness:
A Journey Through America in the Age of AIDS
(1990, Lexington)

Here is the face of AIDS in America as it’s never been shown before. It is the profoundly revealing and drama-filled story of how men and women have coped with the most dreaded affliction of our times.

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About the Book

Gay MannersConfused about coming out, dating, sex, and love? Find all the answers here - makes a great reference guide for you, and a great gift for the straight people in your life who need a little guidance.

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